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MOBIHEL 2K Acrylic Enamel MIX TDS


For the repair of personal vehicles, final painting of car bodies, buses, trucks and other metal objects. MOBIHEL 2K acrylic enamel is used for final painting of personal and other vehicles as well as for other metal objects and is a part of mobihel mixing system.
You can get the desired colour shade in MOBIHEL weighing programme or select it out of the MOBIHEL Colour Box. In case your computer is connected to the scale, you will quickly and precisely weigh the desired colour shade. Mobihel mixing unit assures the homogenity of enamels, which is crucial for colour shade precissenes.


MOBIHEL 2K sealer 3:1 universal low VOC or 
MOBIHEL 2K HS 4:1 compactprimer low VOC


1.0 L
3.5 L
MIX-101 – MIX-131
MOBIHEL computer weighing programme
MOBIHEL 2K hardener 9900 or 1100 (for T applications from 18 – 27°C) or MOBIHEL 2K hardener 1300 (for T applications from 27 – 35°C) or MOBIHEL 2K hardener 1500 (for T applications from 5 – 18°C) Pot life: 2 h / 20°C
18 – 20 s DIN 53211 ø 4 mm / 20°C - MOBIHEL 2K thinner 2100 (for T aplications from 18 – 27°C) or - MOBIHEL 2K thinner 2300 (for temperature applications 27 – 35°C) or - MOBIHEL 2K thinner 2500 (for temperature applications 5 – 18°C)
The paint colour should be applied on to a piece of test cardboard to assess its suitability prior to application on the object.
1,3 – 1,4 mm 2 – 4 bar 2 – 3x = 50 – 60 µm
10 min / 20°C between single coats
20°C = 16 h 60°C = 30 min
2K materials react with humidity; take care that all containers and utensils are absolutely dry. While coating, the interior relative humidity should not exceed 80%.
4 years