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The proper and thorough clenaning of the substrate plays a crucial role in the coating process and notably contributes to ensure MOBIHEL refinish high quality standards.


The best base for all paint systems. Characterized by easy application and sanding, excellent filling properties and fast drying, MOBIHEL putties will make your refinish work easier and quicker.
They ensure smooth application, are very easy to shape and also they do not drip from the spatula Their fine and balanced structure is the guarantee that you will enjoy your work day by day.

Primers & Fillers

Fast drying, all substrates-adhesion MOBIHEL primers and fillers upgrade the adhesion of subsequently applied refinish layers.




MOBIHEL paints for cars with their special pigments provide maximum weathering resistance and anti-scratch features, as well as colour retention. Transparent varnishes from MOBIHEL clearcoat line are made of the best quality resins, providing excellent gloss, very high weathering and chemical resistance and perfect mechanical properties.