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  • We share passion, love for cars and respect for the people. Cars may be in millions and embedded in everyday routine, but to so many of you they are much more. For all you many, we at Mobihel care the most. We believe in preserving quality, in building and recreating beauty.
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  • Mobihel is proud to be a loyal partner to all painters who live and breathe for that perfect finish. We have great admiration and gratitude for  their work and skill. It allows Mobihel to deliver reliable products and solutions painters can use to repair, improve and recreate. To bring back the beauty, to push forward and to amaze you, the most devoted and attached car fans. Car owners who drive this cycle of enthusiasts, painters, chemists, technicians and many more. A cycle of trust and appreciation for each who play their part, delivers strong and is proud of a job well done. A job beyond average, beyond expected.